Stop missing out on Events.

Finding it hard to see what is happening around you?
FOMO begone!

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The whole world right at your fingertips.

Searching for things to do shouldn't be stressful. A multitude of events that meet your interests await to be explored near you and across the planet. Navigate the map at your convenience!

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Dropchat, Dropchat and Away!

Nothing is truly fun without being social. All events are cooler when you can share them with everyone around you.

Introducing Dropchats! just set a radius for your chat and anyone within the radius can join and share the good times.

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To live-stream or not to live-stream?

Ever dreamed about sharing live videos with the whole planet, without needing to have followers?

Dream no more! With BillBored you can live-stream anytime, any place and anyone can tune in and out!

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Sharing safely is Caring safely.

BillBored is not just about the lookout for events, it’s also about real time sharing. We believe sharing should not be limited to just friends and followers and that is why we have completely removed this barrier. On BillBored, everything you share can be instantly seen by the whole planet.

“But isn’t it dangerous for everyone to know where I am?” you may ask. Fear not, for BillBored is with you. We have integrated a safety measure to protect your location, when desired, without preventing you from sharing.